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Ability to zoom all over the world.

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   Google Earth Deletes Rumored Lost City of Atlantis

The lost city of Atlantis — rumored to be discovered in a Google Earth map — is once again lost, thanks to a maps update from the search giant. A grid-like pattern on a Google Ocean — a Google Earth extension — map raised speculation in 2009 that Google had ...

Web2Review 06 Feb 12
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   Snaps on Maps: Google Wants to Send Photographers Inside Your Business

Google wants to get all up in your business — but in a good way. The search giant just unveiled an expansion to its Business Photos program, which aims to put indoor images of businesses on Google Maps and Google Places profiles. The program now has a clear way to ...

Web2Review 27 Jan 12
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Reader feedback Sept. 2: Location, location, location?
Daily Press
Google Maps imagery is copyrighted, as is most other online mapping software. The terms and conditions prohibit its use for commercial purposes. If you want to know more, visit, look at the bottom of the screen for the word 'terms ...

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via via Google News › iPhone-News seit 2007 (Blog)

Google Maps Ausbau: Streetview, MyMaps und mehr › iPhone-News seit 2007 (Blog)
Innerhalb der Maps-Applikation zeigt Google zudem neuere Satelliten-Bilder als auf an. Die Google Maps-Bewertungen, eine Funktion die wir so gut wie nie nutzen – sollen sich in der neuen Version nun besser abgeben und einsehen ...

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Screencast tour of Reviews on Google Maps
Web2Review 24 Jul 08
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