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Fixya Summary


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The idea behind FixYa is to aggregate all support information that is scattered throughout the internet in a single user friendly location. In addition, FixYa is a huge knowledgebase that is constantly updated by a live community of users who share their…

Categories: Answers, Crowdsource Ideas


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   FixYa Reveals Top Tablet Issues on iPad and Kindle Fire

When shopping for a tablet, consumers often compare specs and the benefits of each device, including screen size and resolution, processor speed, battery life and software. But sometimes a gadget’s biggest draw — or its most exasperating feature — doesn’t make the spec list. Product Q&A website FixYa released Thursday ...

Web2Review 16 Feb 12
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   Fixya Adds Product Recommendations, And Why VC’s Are Hot For It

Ask your average Israeli venture capitalist to name a few companies they’re keeping tabs on and Fixya usually makes the short list—so do Benchmark’s Conduit and Sequoia’s Kenshoo. If you haven’t heard of Fixya, the concept is real simple: It’s a post-sale tech support site. On the one side you ...

Web2Review 01 May 09
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Marc Stern
Torque News
My online work has been for the Examiner, Ezines, the Patch, Oppositelock, (I wrote most of their online material for a year), transmissioncostrepairguide (I'm the Marc they talk about), and Associated!Autos and others. Wow, that ...

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Fight for your right to repair
Computerworld operates a question-and-answer billboard for a wide variety of products. The rugged individual who solves problems is part of the American ethos. Owners of malfunctioning products should not be forced to rely on lengthy manufacturer repairs, ...

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FixYa : Solution to Tech Issues
Web2Review 01 Jul 08
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