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How to Use IRA Savings to Buy Long-Term Care Insurance
Long-term care insurance (LTCi) is an important element of good retirement planning, since it offers financial protection against unexpected illness or disability that would otherwise eat into savings. However, many LTCi plans are simply too expensive ...

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Are Trusts Still Useful If the Estate Tax Is Repealed?
With Republicans in control of Congress and the presidency, there is talk of eliminating the federal estate tax, which in 2017 affects estates over $5.49 million. This begs the question: With no estate tax, do you still need a trust? While trusts can ...

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How Does an Alternate Agent Under a Power of Attorney Take Over When the Initial Agent Is Incapacitated?
I am designated as the "alternate" agent in my mother's power of attorney. My father is the initial agent. He has been diagnosed with dementia and is not acting rationally. If my father is not willing to withdraw, how do I go about acting legally on my ...

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How Medicare and Employer Coverage Coordinate
Medicare benefits start at age 65, but many people continue working past that age, either by choice or need. It is important to understand how Medicare and employer coverage work together. Depending on your circumstances, Medicare is either the primary ...

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Owe Back Taxes? The IRS May Grant You Uncollectible Status ...
Sometimes seniors find themselves owing past-due federal taxes they cannot afford to pay. Although notices from the IRS can be especially frightening, there ...

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Will a Prenuptial Agreement Protect a Spouse's Assets From Medicaid?
I am a senior contemplating marriage. We will have a prenuptial agreement shielding “Separate Property Assets” from access by the other spouse. My question is, in New York State, if one of the spouses is in a nursing home and must use Medicaid to pay ...

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DOL Announces That Fiduciary Rule Will Go Into Effect June 9
financial adviser After initially delaying a rule intended to prevent financial advisers from steering their clients to bad retirement investments, the Department of Labor (DOL) announced that the rule will go into effect on June 9, 2017, but its ...
Deregulators Must Follow the Law, So Regulators Will Too - WSJWall Street Journal

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Ann Arbor's Foresee bouncing back after Answers Corp. bankruptcy
Answers Corp., the parent company of and Ann Arbor-based Foresee, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Friday, March 3, seeking to shed $471 million in debt, according to federal court documents. Answers Corp., parent of Ann Arbor's Foresee, ...

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Must a Hospital Inform the Agent Under a Medical POA of a Change in the Patient's Condition?
A hospital did a competency test on a patient and found that she was incompetent, but no one told the patient's daughter who was her agent under a medical power of attorney. If the hospital had given the information to the agent at that time, she could ...

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The Complex Modern Family Requires a New Planning Model, Book Argues
Homeward Bound A new book suggests that planning for elder care and a loved one's death are especially important for today's complex modern families. In Homeward Bound: Modern Families, Elder Care, and Loss, the authors contend that the current ...

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