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Will A Spouses Monetary Gift Jeopardize The Medicaid Eligibility Of The Spouse ...
Will a Spouse's Monetary Gift Jeopardize the Medicaid Eligibility of the Spouse in the Nursing Home? Q: If the spouse of a nursing home resident gives a monetary gift to her children/grandchildren from her own monthly income, will it jeopardize the ...

via via Google News Gets into the Customer Experience Game
1to1 Media
Community generated Q&A website wants to do more than provide a community forum for consumers. The 15-year-old company is betting that it can also help companies improve their customer experiences. Last year, it acquired customer ...

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What Can You Legally Spend Money On In Order To Qualify For Medicaid
My mom needs to go on Medicaid and has a substantial sum of money in her bank account. What can we legally spend this money on in order for her to still qualify for Medicaid coverage of her nursing home care? A: You can spend the money down on ...

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Three Reasons Why Joint Accounts May Be a Poor Estate Plan
Many people, especially seniors, see joint ownership of investment and bank accounts as a cheap and easy way to avoid probate since joint property passes automatically to the joint owner at death. Joint ownership can also be an easy way to plan for ...

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Can I Receive Social Security Benefits On My Husbands Work Record While He ...
Can I Receive Social Security Benefits on My Husband's Work Record While He Is Still Working? Q: I am 65 1/2 years old, and as a homemaker I have never been employed. Am I eligible for some Social Security benefits while my 65-year-old husband is still ...

via via Google News, Technology Partners hiring for tech jobs in St. Louis
St. Louis Business Journal (blog)
Missouri is one of the fastest growing cities for tech jobs thanks to a plethora of St. Louis companies hiring in the IT sector. Here at the St. Louis Business Journal, we're rolling out a new weekly feature that will highlight a handful of those jobs ...

via via Google News to move into 11 Times Square
The Real Deal Magazine (blog)
The online company is moving into the 11th floor of the SJP Properties building, taking up 30,000 square feet of the 1.1 million-square-foot tower. The deal comes after Moore Capital Management took 80,000 square feet on the top three floors. Nicola ...

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Can I Sell Our Home Without My Incapacitated Husbands Consent
My husband has Alzheimer's disease. I would like to sell our home and downsize to a continuing-care condominimium residence. Can I do this without his consent? A: Only if you have his durable power of attorney. Otherwise you will need to be appointed ...

via via Google News Calls Cal The Most Classless Coach
LEX18 Lexington KY News put out a list of the 10 most classless College Basketball Coaches. They put Cal at number one and Rick Pitino at number two. "Who likes John Calipari?," says "Pretty much only Kentucky fans. Coach Cal can coach and recruit ...
Most Classless Coach?'s disparate sources name Cal at #1, Pitino ...Nation of Blue

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via via Google News Founder Bob Rosenschein Closes $1.9 Million Seed Round for ...
Jewish Business News
... round from investors including OurCrowd, Cedar Fund, Morton Meyerson of 2M, Kima Ventures, Tom Glocer, Gigi Levy, JumpSpeed Ventures, and other private investors. Curiyo is Bob Rosenschein's first venture following the sale of to AFCV ...
Curiyo Content Discovery Platform Raises $1.9MNoCamels - Israeli Innovation News

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