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Fighting Nursing Home Discrimination Against Medicaid Recipients ...
nursing home While it is illegal for a nursing home to discriminate against a Medicaid recipient, it still happens. To prevent such discrimination, nursing home ...

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Are The Proceeds From A Medicaid Recipients Life Insurance Policy Subject To Estate Recovery
My mom has an individual whole life insurance policy. Her current policy has a death benefit of $30,000 and no cash value. Medicaid has been paying for her care. When she passes away, will the state be able to take the proceeds from the life insurance ...

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Social Media Gets More Love, But Facebook and Twitter Don't Get More Likes
Yahoo (74) is a close third, but satisfaction with Yahoo dropped one percent., and AOL tie for the bottom spot with a score of 69, eight points below the industry average. Read More: Google Parent Alphabet Passes Apple as the Most ...
ACSI: Customer Satisfaction for E-Business Rises Despite Social ...PR Newswire (press release)

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Yahoo Finance

ACSI: Customer Satisfaction for E-Business Rises Despite Social Media Falloff
Yahoo Finance
The trio of,, and AOL are well behind with scores of 69 that are among the lowest in e-business. "Yahoo! might be more concerned about shareholder value and a potential sale than it is in innovation and customer satisfaction ...

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Banking Agencies Issue CRA Questions and Answers - Lexology
Lexology (registration)
On July 15, the federal bank regulatory agencies with responsibility for Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) rulemaking—the Board of Governors of the…

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Who Gets Paid First When A Medicaid Recipient Dies The Mortgage Holder Or The State
Who Gets Paid First When a Medicaid Recipient Dies -- the Mortgage Holder or the State? Q: In the settlement of Medicaid claims following the death of a nursing home resident, which debt is considered the superior or higher priority debt? After the ...

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How Do I Use A Power Of Attorney To Prevent My Mother And Stepdad From Making Poor Decisions
How Do I Use a Power of Attorney to Prevent My Mother and Stepdad from Making Poor Decisions? Q: I am the alternate agent under my mother's durable power of attorney. My stepdad is named as the primary agent. My mom and stepdad are now ...

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How to Vote While in a Nursing Home
Voting Although voting is the hallmark of a democracy, it isn't easy if you are in a long-term care facility. Nursing home and other long-term care facility residents face several challenges to voting, from registering to vote to actually casting a ...

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Can I Prevent Family Members From Visiting My Stepmother In Our Home
My stepmother has advanced Alzheimer's disease. My wife and I moved her in with our family and have been taking her to doctors and making sure her needs are met. She has a grandson who has not always been the best person he could be (we do not get ...

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Can a Medicaid Recipient Keep Rental Properties?
My mother-in-law has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. She owns two rental properties that bring in a good income, but not enough to cover the full expense of a nursing home. She can spend down her savings, which should take about a ...

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