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Will Medicare Cover A Second Nursing Home Stay
My aunt was in a nursing home and exceeded the 100 days covered by Medicare. She was later admitted to the hospital, and then returned to the nursing home. Should Medicare coverage have started over, paying for her nursing home costs again? A:.

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Answers Corp. to consolidate New York offices into Times Square space
St. Louis Business Journal (blog)
Answers Corporation, the St. Louis-based company best known for its website, is consolidating its New York City presence into a new office space on the 11th floor of 11 Times Square, a 40-story skyscraper in Manhattan. Cristina Dinozo, a ...

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Mom Keeps Getting Kicked Out Of Nursing Homes What Can I Do
My mom, who has Alzheimer's, keeps getting kicked out of nursing homes because she is bothering other patients. What do I do? A: Nursing homes can't just kick out their difficult residents. They need to do what they can to modify their behavior and ...

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Reverse Mortgages Can Pose Problems for Heirs
Reverse mortgages can be a big help to seniors needing extra cash, but they can become a nightmare for their heirs. Heirs who don't know their rights may be faced with large bills or threats of losing the house. Fortunately, there are some protections ...

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Will A Spouses Monetary Gift Jeopardize The Medicaid Eligibility Of The Spouse ...
Will a Spouse's Monetary Gift Jeopardize the Medicaid Eligibility of the Spouse in the Nursing Home? Q: If the spouse of a nursing home resident gives a monetary gift to her children/grandchildren from her own monthly income, will it jeopardize the ...

via via Google News Gets into the Customer Experience Game
1to1 Media
Community generated Q&A website wants to do more than provide a community forum for consumers. The 15-year-old company is betting that it can also help companies improve their customer experiences. Last year, it acquired customer ...

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What Can You Legally Spend Money On In Order To Qualify For Medicaid
My mom needs to go on Medicaid and has a substantial sum of money in her bank account. What can we legally spend this money on in order for her to still qualify for Medicaid coverage of her nursing home care? A: You can spend the money down on ...

via via Google News, Technology Partners hiring for tech jobs in St. Louis
St. Louis Business Journal (blog)
Missouri is one of the fastest growing cities for tech jobs thanks to a plethora of St. Louis companies hiring in the IT sector. Here at the St. Louis Business Journal, we're rolling out a new weekly feature that will highlight a handful of those jobs ...

via via Google News to move into 11 Times Square
The Real Deal Magazine (blog)
The online company is moving into the 11th floor of the SJP Properties building, taking up 30,000 square feet of the 1.1 million-square-foot tower. The deal comes after Moore Capital Management took 80,000 square feet on the top three floors. Nicola ...

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Most Classless Coach?'s disparate sources name Cal at #1, Pitino ...
Nation of Blue is an Internet-based knowledge exchange, which includes WikiAnswers, ReferenceAnswers, VideoAnswers, and five international language Q&A communities. The domain name was purchased by entrepreneurs Bill Gross and ... Calls Cal The Most Classless CoachLEX18 Lexington KY News

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