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Jotform Summary


website screenshot for Jotform

Web based form builder that you start building on the home page of site by selecting new at upper left of home page and then selecting the form type to begin, next you can add drop down boxes, star ratings, payment options and more.

Category: Form Designer

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user avatar susanrichard    

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susanrichard 16 May 17 @ 2:05 pm  Reply  
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user avatar joeyj01    
Drag & Drop Form Builder

JotForm is the easiest form builder I have encountered. Firstly, you don't even need to register. Just start right away when you enter the site. The form creation process is soo easy it will shock you at first. You click on which tool you want to use for example a radio button and it ads to the form right away. Then you can manage the places of the tools easily. Its advanced features are also great. You can fully customize your forms with CSS codes or with JotForm themes. After you finish your form in like 10 minutes you click on the embed form button and copy the script to your website. Your form is ready to use. Collecting submissions and information was never easier. Either it be a contact form or payment form everything is available for the free user. That separates JotForm from other form builders. It is totally user friendly and also the customer support is outstanding. Every question asked is dealt with maximum effort. Dropbox and Facebook integrations are also quite exciting features. Haven't tried them yet but I expect so many things from JotForm already. JotForm blew my mind away.

joeyj01 26 Aug 11 @ 12:24 pm  Reply  
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user avatar joeyj01 Drag & Drop Option

When an item is dragged & dropped to the form it stays there any you can move it inside the form. I am suggesting that it should be able to drag & erase too. Look you select what you dragged in the form and when you push it outside "pooof" it is erased.

joeyj01 26 Aug 11 @ 12:33 pm   Reply  
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Web2Review 01 Jul 08
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