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30 Simple Systems
   30 Simple Systems

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30 Simple Systems Summary


website screenshot for 30 Simple Systems

30 Simple Systems is a system to help startups learn the best way to run themselves to be as creative and productive as possible.

Category: Project Management

In List: Check out later, project managers


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user avatar Heath124    
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user avatar Heath124    

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user avatar aberdab unable to tell from front page what it does

need text, not time-suck videos, saying what it does -

not abstract way-too-broad stuff like "Leadership"

i look for screen shots


also the page loading might have stalled my system way too long

would rather have longer page that actually 'shows' 'something' 'useful' for understanding

i did not look past front page,

why would i ?

aberdab 25 Dec 12 @ 2:06 pm   Reply  
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