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MPP Global Solutions Summary


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MPP Global Solutions are the leading provider of Payment Gateways and eCommerce Solutions to the Media and Entertainment Industries.

Category: Payments



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MPP Global Launches Next-Generation Cloud Identity Management, CRM, and ...
Broadcasting & Cable
WARRINGTON, U.K. -- March 10, 2015 -- MPP Global today announced significant enhancements to eSuite, the company's cloud platform for content monetization. The next generation of eSuite provides print, broadcast, and new media organizations with a ...

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Expo: Alitalia ed Etihad compagnie aeree ufficiali
Il primo effetto delle imminenti nozze tra Alitalia ed Etihad sarà la collaborazione con Expo, che le ha nominate compagnie aeree ufficiali a seguito di un bando di gara. L'annuncio è stato dato poche ore fa, mentre sono ancora in corso le trattative ...

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