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Beware of Accepting Electronic Signatures
The best way is to make sure to use a trusted e-signature software program will give you the legal ability for enforcement, or use a service like or, which for less than $20 per month can collect and provide verifiable ...

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Term Sheet — Tuesday, October 21
No financial terms were disclosed. • ForceField Energy Inc. (Nasdaq: FNRG) has acquired ESCO Energy Service Co., a Lenox, Mass.-based provider of energy efficiency upgrades and lighting retrofit projects, for approximately $7.5 ...

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Technology Personalized

8 Digital Signature Software that Keep a Business Safe
Technology Personalized
Many people make the mistake of thinking that digital signature software and electronic signature software are the same, but there are some differences between them. While the second contains only an electronic image attached to the data, the digital ...

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Sign Documents from Your Smartphone or Computer with SignNow
If you need to sign a legal document while away from your home or office you can use free webapp SignNow to upload a pdf of the document, sign the document electronically, and email it to wherever it needs to go, all without having to pay or register ...

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在介绍自己的创业项目的时候,Jonathan没有老老实实坐在那里,而是一边飞速地报出公司的名字,一边马不停蹄地在浏览器里开启新的标签页,并在地址栏里键入公司的域名,,rightcart ...

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