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What is unique about LingQ is that it allows people to save words to a database, which then creates flashcards for review. These flashcards can be reviewed in one of multiple tests, and can include audio files, images and notes. However, these saved…

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user avatar Bradshaw Layfie...    
Helpful tool for the students

This is certainly a great toll especially for students because this way they can save their important documents smartly and retrieve it efficiently. Best Assignment Writing Services UK 

Bradshaw Layfield 10 Jan 18 @ 6:53 am  Reply  
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You Can Now Learn Malay on the LingQ Language Learning Platform (press release)
There are also 1000s of hours of text and audio lessons in the LingQ Library. LingQ CEO and online polyglot Steve Kaufmann had this to say of the addition of Malay: “Today LingQ is pleased to add Malay as our 25th Language. Thanks to the hard work of ...

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Huffington Post Canada

Learn Japanese More Easily With These Tips
Huffington Post Canada
There is no shortage of good reasons to learn Japanese. Japan has a fascinating, refined, and in many ways unique culture. Much has been written on the vertical nature of Japanese society, or of the insularity of Japanese culture. In my own case, I ...

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