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Projector PSA Summary


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Our system takes care of the little details like tracking time and expenses, invoicing clients, scheduling resources, and managing projects and turns them into information you can act on.

Categories: Project Management, Time Tracking, Expense Management

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Projector PSA Software Users Achieve Best-of-the-Best Status in SPI Research's ...
PR Web (press release)
Projector PSA, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based Professional Services Automation (PSA) software, today announced that three of its customers achieved the prestigious “Best-of-the-Best” status in the latest benchmark survey conducted by SPI Research.

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Projector PSA Launches Community Group for Expanding Global User Base
PR Web (press release)
Projector PSA, Inc. today announced a new user community called Projector e3. The e3 initiative is named after the main goals of the program—to educate, engage and empower the users of Projector's professional services automation (PSA) platform.

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