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Categories: Flowchart, Prototyping

In List: Groupware: Raster Drawing


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   10 Free Wireframing Tools for Designers

Wireframing is a crucial step in web design and development as it allows for rapid prototyping and helps to pinpoint potential problems early in the process. It can be invaluable to have a visual representation of content, hierarchy and layout. Wireframes make it easier to communicate ideas, reduce scope ...

Web2Review 15 Jul 10
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   Cacoo Lets Multiple Users Create Designs Collaboratively And In Real-time

Most people still use traditional applications like Powerpoint or Visio for creating diagrams or charting software, which isn’t always a simple task (especially if the designs are complicated or need to look pretty). There’s no shortage of easy-to-use online diagramming and design applications addressing the need, but a tool called ...

Web2Review 06 Apr 10
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Chip Online Portal

Cacoo: Layanan Online untuk Pekerjaan Anda
Chip Online Portal - Kerja tim tidak harus dilakukan saling berhadapan dengan setiap anggotanya. Dengan layanan cloud yang mulai banyak peminatnya, bekerja secara tim kini bisa dilakukan dari mana saja. Syaratnya cuma satu yaitu memiliki koneksi Internet.

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ProgrammableWeb (blog)

New Cacoo SDK Edition Allows Integration of Cacoo Platform with Third-Party ...
ProgrammableWeb (blog)
The Cacoo SDK Edition is software that is separate from the website, requires installation on a server and includes the new Cacoo SDK Edition API. There is also an ASP API version ( which is somewhat limited compared to the Cacoo ...

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Cacoo - Real-time Collaborative Diagramming & Design
Jeff 29 Jun 11 @ 1:38 am
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