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At a Glance Generate burndown graphs for Basecamp There are many tools out there for agile project management. We've tried many of them, and we found that Basecamp® was by far the best. It's simplicity and flexibility makes it the perfect tool for adapting it to our process. The only drawback we had was that we couldn't generate burndown charts. For this reason we created Burndown. Burndown is a simple tool that takes your milestones and to-do lists, and generates burndown charts with them.
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Lifecycle Stage Publically Launched
Primary Users Office and Enterprise
Top Features
  • Burndown Charts
Competitive Advantage Integrated with Basecamp
Collaborative yup

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Pricing Pricing Plans

Basic 6.00 USD per Month
15 Projects
Plus 12.00 USD per Month
35 Projects
Premium 24.00 USD per Month
100 Projects
Max 37.00 USD per Month
Unlimited Projects

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