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At a Glance The innovation tools are developed by INPAQT and integrated in an Innovation Management Suite. In this Innovations Management Suite are all state of the art methods and tools available on the area of business modelling (business case), problem analysis and idea generation, risk and uncertainties analysis, cost/profit analysis and economic valuation, competence analysis and organisation audits, area analysis, etcetera. We use techniques as Mind Mapping, Quality Function Deployment, Value Engineering, Monte Carlo simulations. There are 5 Innovation management systems integrated: Idea Management, Business Case Management, Innovation Scorecard, Portfolio Management, Road Mapping. The Idea Management Tool is one of the Management Systems of the Inpaqt Innovation Management Suite (IMS) toolbox. The Idea Management Tool is web-based and is easy to configure to meet the customer’s special requirements (meaning process flow, forms, reports, authorizations, etc.).
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