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iCloud Summary


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Web based OS with applications and storage for free

Category: Storage


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   Apple's iCloud: Fine on Mobile, Dead on the Desktop [REVIEW]

Along with iOS 5, Apple officially released iCloud Wednesday. The successor to the much-maligned MobileMe, iCloud is Apple’s first major attempt at unifying its product lines with online storage. Unlike MobileMe, iCloud is free to anyone with an iOS 5 device. It’s also available for OS X Lion — and ...

Web2Review 13 Oct 11
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   iCloud Site Opens Up Ahead of iOS 5 Launch

The new version of Apple’s mobile platform iOS 5 is due to arrive Wednesday, and all the pieces are slowly falling into place ahead of the launch. First, Apple released a new version of iTunes – 10.5 – and now it opened the doors of the iCloud site, where ...

Web2Review 12 Oct 11
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Here's how to make sure your iCloud data is safe from hackers
According to Greatfire's initial report, a Chinese firewall had blocked all connections to, directing the traffic instead to a dummy site that mimicked Apple's login page for the service. The same group later told Reuters that Apple rerouted ...
What You Need to Know About the New Apple iCloud Security WarningABC News
Tim Cook Meets With Top Chinese Official After iCloud HackMashable
Apple's Cook meets with Chinese vice premier following report of iCloud hack ...FierceWireless
CIO Today -NewsFactor Network -ANINEWS
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Mobile Commerce Press

Apple issues a warning for iCloud users amid reports of hacking effort in China
Times Colonist
"If users get an invalid certificate warning in their browser while visiting , they should pay attention to the warning and not proceed," Apple said in the post. The attacks appear unrelated to an episode last month in which hackers ...
iCloud cyber attack in China allegedly caused by governmentMobile Commerce Press
Apple CEO Tim Cook says privacy talks with Chinese government were 'very open'Apple Insider
Apple CEO Tim Cook Had 'Very Open' Talks On Chinese Web Security With ...International Business Times

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iCloud - A Free Virtual Desktop (Review)
Jeff 19 Sep 09 @ 4:02 am

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