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website screenshot for is an online bill management service, designed specifically for small and medium size businesses, that helps companies streamline bill receipt, easily store all their financial documents, automate and eliminate data entry, route bills for approvals…

Category: Accounting System

In List: appliance stores in sacramento area, compar, Great package of accounting/finance apps for entrepreneurs


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Small Business Trends

Right Networks Has 3 New Cloud Solutions for Small Businesses and Their Accountants
Small Business Trends
There's also the ability to generate expense reports from Expensify, making payments with, tracking employee time with TSheets. You also have 10 GB of cloud storage and access to Microsoft Excel. Prices start at $50 per user per month and run ...

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Right Networks Debuts the Right Networks Cloud
Business Wire (press release)
Users have the ability to provision Expensify (to create expense reports), (for bill payments), and TSheets (for employee time tracking) without additional hosting fees (users pay subscription fees to Expensify, and TSheets directly ...
Right Networks introduces three new cloud platform offeringsAccounting Today

all 2 news articles »
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user avatar Jeff Integrate with Outright Accounting Solution is an up and coming accounting solution with a nice API.  Would be nice to see you guys integrate with them, much like you do with Shoeboxed.  This would strengthen your service as a platform that small biz accountants could not do without.

Jeff 03 Sep 09 @ 7:39 am   Reply  

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Videos - Bill Management Made Easy
Jeff 03 Sep 09 @ 7:34 am
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