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Mailchimp Profile

Overview Overview

At a Glance Provides built-in HTML email templates that are professionally designed and tested in all major email programs to render properly. Allows users to design beautiful emails that match the branding and spirit of their organization. Delivering email campaigns since 2001, millions of emails are sent every day.
Sub Category: 
Lifecycle Stage
Primary Users Enterprise, Office, and Personal
Top Features
  • customize emails with special promotions
  • segment lists for departments, clients, customers
  • invitations, newsletters, holiday e-cards, surveys, ecoupons
  • link mailchimp to your shopping cart on websites
Competitive Advantage Makes it easy to create email lists and interest groups to segment email campaigns. Provides list segmentation and targeting tools and AIM reports Provides seamless integration of ecommerce shopping cart and email subscription Provides built-in HTML email templates pretested with all major email programs
Collaborative nope

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Pricing Pricing Plans

50,000+ Check website or call for pricing
Free Free!
0-2000 Customers
12000/month Send Limit
0-500 10.00 USD per month
501-1,000 15.00 USD per month
1,001-2,500 30.00 USD per month
2,501-5,000 50.00 USD per month
5,001 - 10,000 75.00 USD per month
10,001-25,000 150.00 USD per month
25,000-50,000 240.00 USD per month

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