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Gigya Summary


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Social Widgets: Gigya's Social Widgets combine the universal portability of widgets with the viral and communication power of Facebook applications. To learn more, click here.

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   How to Plan Your Social Integration Strategy

Brian Sullivan is vice president of client services at Gigya, where he advises clients on implementing social technology. Gigya offers websites a suite of social technology like social login, comments, game mechanics and a social identity management platform. No longer does a business wonder whether its site should contain social ...

Web2Review 13 Jan 12
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   How Facebook's New Features Will Affect Digital Marketers

Patrick Salyer is CEO of  Gigya, which makes sites social by integrating a suite of plugins like Social Login, Comments, Activity Feeds, Social Analytics and Game Mechanics. Patrick can be reached on Twitter  @patricksalyer. With Facebook’s major changes set to roll out this week, little thought has been given to answering ...

Web2Review 11 Oct 11
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Some notes to kick off your Wednesday:
The company has now raised a total of $105 million. • Gravitant, an Austin, Texas-based provider of enterprise cloud brokerage and management software, has raised $25 million in Series B funding. Cielo Private Equity led the round, and ...

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TechCrunch (blog)

Intel Capital Leads $35M Investment In Social Login Service Gigya
TechCrunch (blog)
Gigya, a company that helps online businesses and publishers manage customer log-ins, is announcing that it has raised $35 million in a funding round led by Intel Capital. CEO Patrick Salyer told me that this was a strategic investment from Intel. It's ...
Following Massive Adoption, Gigya Raises $35 Million in Growth Funding Led ...Marketwired (press release)

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