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Pixelpipe Summary


website screenshot for Pixelpipe

Upload photos, video, and audio files once through the Pixelpipe Media Gateway and distribute your content across over 100+ social networks, photo/video sites, blogs, and other online services.

Category: Social Network Aggregator


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File Transfer & Syncing Service Pixelpipe Shuts Down – Acquisition In The Works?
... services. We hope that you have enjoyed using our free services & will only wish us the best as we transition to our new roles. Please follow our blog for further updates, you can direct any questions or comments you may have to aloha ...

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File Transfer And Sync Service Launches Prints, Offering Photo Printing Options For Over A Dozen Cloud ...
TechCrunch, the file transfer and synchronization service which emerged from San Francisco-based Pixelpipe, has previously served as one of the only serious utilities to move photos and other media files between all the various cloud services. Since its ...

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