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phpfox Summary


website screenshot for phpfox

phpfox provides white label or branded social networks. They provide scripts that you run on your server to create niche social networks.

Category: Social Network Creator

In List: Social Networks


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user avatar Mike McCann    
phpfox beware!

No knowledge of web design required? I dont think so

I purchased phpfox 6 weeks ago and since then have had 3 experienced web developers working on the software.

The documentation is appalling (I have emails from support admitting as much)

The software is full of bugs (see their bug reporting page and look at how many have never been resolved)

I posted a negative comment on their forum and it was immediately removed

Can you find a contact address for them??? you try  (search for phpfox Inc) They are invisible and cannot be contacted other than by email.

Hand over $300 at your peril!

I am a web developer with 14 years experience and never have I experience such a poor product

Contact me if you need verification this review is genuine


Mike McCann 16 Mar 11 @ 3:46 am  Reply  
Was this



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CMS Critic

PHPFox 3.7.5 released
CMS Critic
Version 3.7.5 is a maintenance release offering a number of bug fixes and security improvements. If you are on a version prior to 3.7, you can read all about the enhancements that came with these updates here:

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