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ProtoShare is a web-based wireframing and rich prototyping tool with integrated collaboration. Rapidly create, share, and iterate your ideas in the cloud and easily gain stakeholder feedback and decisions on prototypes, design comps, and even live websites.…

Category: Prototyping


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user avatar WindowsLIVE Use...    
Simply annoying and expensive

I normally don't take the time to write reviews, however ProtoShare has drive me nuts. So not intuitive and full with bugs. This is an extremely expensive service (50/mo if you really want to collaborate) without any justification.

I'm sorry I took the time to even evaluate it. DON"T repeat the same mistake.

WindowsLIVE User 1009 20 May 11 @ 10:10 pm  Reply   replies



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Site 9 Releases ProtoShare for Drive Interactive Mockup Tool
PR Web (press release)
For more information about ProtoShare, visit About Site9, Inc. Founded in 1999, Site9, Inc. is the developer of ProtoShare. Fortune 500 companies, leading interactive agencies, and web developers in over 84 countries around the world ...

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ProtoShare Selected by 3M Corp as Worldwide Interactive Development Tool
1888 Press Release (press release)
Fortune 500 companies, leading interactive agencies, and web developers in over 30 countries around the world use Site9's ProtoShare tool to deliver a better interactive experience in less time. No software required. ###. Print ...

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Using image clippings in ProtoShare
Jeff 25 May 09 @ 7:13 pm

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