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user avatar elian    
e-tipi v2.0 has been announced

Version 2.0 has just been announced. e-tipi is a web-based Collaborative Thinking Platform, built to offer companies an enterprise-class idea management solution at an affordable price.

This new release of e-tipi is based on a completely redesigned graphical interface, which greatly improves the readability of the discussions and facilitates collaboration. The platform also offers a complete API (accessible via web-services), which will appeal to companies wishing to integrate the platform into an existing environment.

More administration options are available. New algorithms for detecting the most promising contributions and most involved participants have been implemented. New reports allow measuring the activity of communities in the blink of an eye. The organization of information has also been redesigned, with the notion of Articles that complement Ideas (or Threads) and Messages.

Quick to deploy, easy to customize, e-tipi is a solution of choice for leading a network of distribution, capitalizing on marketing resources or completing learning offerings with Social Learning.


elian 26 Oct 12 @ 2:00 pm  Reply  
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