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ProofHQ converts your file into a web-based proof for your team to review, discuss and decide.

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   Upload, Share and Approve Creative Documents with ProofHQ

ProofHQ launches today as a Web-based solution for sharing, managing, and approving creative documents amongst team members and clients. In a few words, ProofHQ offers a way to get creatives approved more efficiently. How does a service set out to do this? For starters, ProofHQ ...

Web2Review 26 Aug 08
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An online proofing system that streamlines the process of managing document reviews, proofing and approvals. Sending proofs with ProofHQ is as easy as using email, but with much better tracking and follow-up. ProofHQ is a subscription service. They currently offer a 30 day trial as well as a free personal ...

Web2Review 08 Feb 08
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Noosh Extends Its Project and Procurement Platform With ProofHQ Integration
SYS-CON Media (press release)
For more information, please visit Since 2008, ProofHQ has been helping an ever-growing base of users -- from brands to agencies to publishers and printers -- to simplify the process of getting creative work reviewed and approved.

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ProofHQ Plans for Accelerated Growth; Expands Management Team
Virtual-Strategy Magazine (press release)
ProofHQ, the global leader in online proofing with over 2,200 clients representing the best brands and agencies in the world, has expanded its management team as the company accelerates its growth plans for 2015 and beyond. “As brands and marketing ...

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