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How Twilio is building a software platform to refresh a 150-year-old ...
This episode of the What to Think podcast is sponsored by Pivotal Tracker. Check out the full What to Think podcast series here. In this week's podcast, we kick off an occasional series of interviews with platform builders: the founders and inventors ...

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Tech Cocktail

Building a 5-Star App with an Offshore Team
Tech Cocktail
I find that using project management and team communication tools, such as, Skype, and Slack, help overcome many of the potential communication barriers and management concerns that every employer inevitably worries about.

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Is Pivotal's Cloud Foundry open enough?
Java World
The board is pay-to-play (for Platinum members, $500,000), but unlike Eclipse there is no matching requirement to allocate headcount to development (s.6.5). A Pivotal product is mentioned by name, section). A no ...

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Pivotal Opens Doors in Chicago, Announces Free Access to Pivotal Tracker® for ...
PR Newswire (press release)
Pivotal will open a new office in Chicago focused on agile development, design and product management practices, mobile and web application development and enterprise innovation. The opening of the Chicago office is part of Pivotal's plan to expand its ...

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Pivotal Tracker 1 review: Get active and make informed choices for just $12 a year
There are regular predictions that wearables are the mobile tech of the future, but so far adoption has seemed to lag behind expectations. One major factor preventing people from at least giving wearables a try is price. Pivotal Living has removed that ...

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Girişimcilerin işine yarayacak 300'den fazla araç
girisimciler icin araclar Her girişimcinin kullandığı çeşitli araç ve yazılımlar vardır ki bunlar, deyim yerindeyse, girişimcinin eli kolu olur. Bu araçların en iyisini bulmak ise ciddi bir araştırmayı gerektirebilir ki bu noktada işinizi ...

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Pivotal Labs is said to have been sold
Developing story: Pivotal Labs, one of the smartest Web consulting firms, known for its pioneering work in agile development, is in talks to be acquired, according to some of my sources. The San Francisco–based company held an all-hands meeting on ...

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10 Reasons Why Software Project Estimates Fail
SitePoint (blog)
... over time, you're able to predict project timelines with at least somewhat better confidence. Many agile methods employ this technique, via point estimation. It's also the basis for the predictive aspect of Pivotal Tracker (http://www ...

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