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Relenta Summary


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Shared email, contact and task manager that gets things done. Great for integrated email marketing, small business CRM, and connected communication.

Categories: Contacts, CRM, Email

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   Elevator Pitch Friday: Relenta Provides Economy Friendly CRM Solutions To Small Businesses

This week’s elevator pitch comes from Relenta, a SaaS email-centric contact and task management platform. The pitch was concise and explained the product well but should have indicated more clearly how Relenta’s business model is viable (a.k.a. how they are going to make money). Relenta is an all-in-one email/customer relationship ...

Web2Review 13 Feb 09
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The Rise of Full-Box CRM
Editor's note: Jon Bischke is a founder of Entelo and is an advisor to several startups. You can follow Jon on Twitter @JonBischke. CRM is a massive business. At least an $8 billion industry according to Gartner. Salesforce, the company you think of ...

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Relenta Removes the Barrier Between Email and CRM
PR Web (press release)
Relenta CRM ( announces the general availability of its unique customer relationship management (CRM) tool that makes it easy for sales, marketing, and client-service teams to manage email, customers, and activities.

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