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Gapminder Summary


website screenshot for Gapminder

The website lets you explore the changing and developing of the world from your computer with moving graphics with GapCasts and lectures that explain how to reduce carbon emissions for a better world is possible.

Categories: Labor Statistics, Infographic Design



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The Guardian

Urgent action needed to stop terrifying rise in air pollution, warns OECD
The Guardian
World population is not exponentially increasing. Educate yourself. See and any talks by Hans Rosling, particularly 'Don't Panic', his most recent, where he makes the point that most westerners are worse than chimps at answering questions ...

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De Morgen

Niet vage gelijkheid, maar groei en vrijheid is wat mensen laat excelleren
De Morgen
Surft u zeker eens naar De missie van deze organisatie? Mensen vertellen hoe de wereldbevolking er écht aan toe is. En wat blijkt: we doen het beter dan ooit. Oprichter Hans Rösling toont in zijn documentaires aan hoe we er in een halve ...

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Web2Review 01 Jul 08
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