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Gapminder Summary


website screenshot for Gapminder

The website lets you explore the changing and developing of the world from your computer with moving graphics with GapCasts and lectures that explain how to reduce carbon emissions for a better world is possible.

Categories: Labor Statistics, Infographic Design



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New Security Beat (blog)

A Quick Video Tour of How We Got to 7 Billion and Where We're Going Next
New Security Beat (blog)
On, he literally stands chest high in water appealing for your donation to help him “cross the river of myths.” Gapminder's newest videos still have their trademark animated statistics and Rosling's narration, but the aesthetic is simpler ...

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Is public health care spending needed for better health outcomes?
Brookings Institution (blog)
Source: CME info estimates, Human Mortality Database, and gapminder estimations, accessed via The change in Africa's under-five child mortality is a different case. Since there were massive improvements (if we believe the numbers) ...

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Web2Review 01 Jul 08
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