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user avatar Michael Daum    
TWiki is dead

TWiki has fallen behind most web2.0 developments in the recent two years, especially after it lost all of its community 2008 when it was forked into Foswiki. If you are still running a TWiki site, then consider upgrading to Foswiki as it is backwards compatible to TWiki. This decision has been made by most major TWiki customers up to now that still want an Enterprise Open Source wiki and are in need to prolong their knowledge assets.

Michael Daum 26 Apr 11 @ 4:49 pm  Reply  


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lovelin1987 26 Jul 17 @ 2:08 am Reply
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yangping55 29 Jun 17 @ 6:54 am Reply
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As somebody who has arrived at Foswiki well after the (apparently tragic) split occurred, I find this kind of discussion depressingly unhelpful.

Just recently the Foswiki project saw some S/MIME related updates incorporated from TWiki, and there are many updates to Foswiki plugins that are flowing back to TWiki too.

This kind of discussion simply dwells on the useless past, forgetting very real human beings who actually want to get stuff done.

Like the person behind the plugin garbage collection feature proposal, trying to get both TWiki and Foswiki to implement it in a compatible way.

Who cares? There was an opportunity to make a single product great, and it was squandered.

Let's just keep coding.
Paul Harvey 30 Jun 11 @ 3:20 am Reply
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Wow... I'm thinking more and more that "FOS" means "Full of Sh*t"

Some facts:
- Michael Daum was one of 3 key people who induced the FOSwiki/TWiki split. Not an impartial point of view here!

- TWiki community is focused on improving an already incredibly stable, usable, high quality tool - not fixing hundreds of bugs introduced by fast and random code changes.

- New TWiki releases are always compatible with content of older releases - and that takes time and effort!

- The TWiki community is growing, with month over month increases of contributions:

- TWiki-5.1 has many usability enhancements,

- Many projects under way in the community,

- The TWiki community wants to work with the F.O.S. community - many attempts have been made to reach out to build a friendly relationship - however, unprofessional and discourteous behavior made this task difficult. More on that here, if you like dirt:

So... please recognize a man with a chip on his shoulder when you see one.

-Paul Reiber
Paul Reiber 26 Jun 11 @ 5:59 pm Reply
      user avatar
What Peter Thoeny writes at is an imprudent attempt to repaint history.

It was him and his company who locked out all of the twiki community from further accessing ongoing contributions in an attempt to weed out the good and the bad by asking to opt in again on new terms and conditions he dictated.

This was plain rude and the final cord of an obscene trial between the former twiki community and Peter Thoeny with his company

On the community summit November 2008 in Berlin the twiki community had already established a new government based on a formally elected board of directors. This was the first general assembly of what all hopped would bring forth a fair ecosystem working together on this open source project.

On this summit Peter Thoeny was also asked to grant the community a perpetual license to be allowed to continue to contribute to the project. This need of clarification and security became necessary as the influence of his newly founded company grew to a level it took over the trademark, brand and success of a decade of open source volunteers.

He finally refused to provide this level of clarification. Instead, the twiki community suddenly became aware of a totally changed landscape with a brutality and consequence nobody had thought was possible: all passwords reset.

These actions have nothing to do with Ubuntu.

Everybody was hoping that a fork was not required. Alas it became inevitable at that point in time.

When people had lost trust in Peter Thoeny for a long time before already, he then became a persona non grata for everybody in the twiki community, a community that moved on by renaming their work to Foswiki.

I am tired to put straight the untruths told by Peter Thoeny but it still seems necessary.
Michael Daum 28 Jun 11 @ 6:24 am Reply
           user avatar
Wow. You do seem very tired.

Michael, You have replied to none of my statements, each of which counters your premise that TWiki is dead.

Instead you used the opportunity to, yet again, present your version of what transpired leading up to the fork, vitriol and all.

I was there - I watched what WikiRing and others did - so I need neither your version nor Peters - I have my own perspective into the entire matter.

I watched "contributors" trying to push buggy code into production so the whole world could test it for them, and help them fix the bugs.

I watched "contributors" trying to wrest control of TWiki so they could take it whatever direction they wanted.

I watched "contributors" downplaying their own egregious behavior and becoming "outraged" at Peter's.

I applaud Peter for defending TWiki as best he could over the years, and I'm amazed you still feel the need to slam the project instead of simply focusing your efforts into making FOSwiki better.

If I find a need to use FOSwiki some day, I may author a review here - but I certainly won't misuse the opportunity to try to get FOSwiki users to switch to some other tool.

I recommend you focus your efforts into making FOSwiki better, and let it stand on its own as a solution - no need to slam other projects as a way to get people to try yours.

-Paul Reiber
Paul Reiber 29 Jun 11 @ 7:24 pm Reply
                user avatar
Paul's proven himself as worthy a practitioner of historical revisionism as Peter Thoeny. As one of the anointed TWiki "authorized consultants", he has a happy hunting ground for consultancy. The others who actually contributed the bulk of code to TWiki? Their names were removed, by requiring "re-creation" of their consultancy pages, which of course in the new regime of the dictator requires agreeing to the absurd code of conduct, with its explicit recognition of a "benevolent-dictator for life" status to Thoeny.

The simply fact is that while Thoeny was a major author for TWiki, the product had become morally owned by others, whose contributions to the codebase eventually considerably surpassed his. This is true of the major re-architecting of several years ago, in which he played little role. The codebase as it currently stands bears little relation to that which he drove after himself forking it from JOSwiki.

So given that objective history, his apparent ill-faith negotiations and then peremptory seizure of the project should disgust any programmer with a commitment to free software ideals. And in fact programmers have voted with their feet. The misleading statistics that Mr. Reiber quotes were architected by Mr. Thoeny himself: a sea-change in the typical commit from code improvements to niggling typographical corrections or a change in the grammar of a documentation paragraph. The quantity of actual change has dropped to an almost negligible level.

An essentially empty IRC channel.

"governance meetings" that consist of Thoeny,
a friend who seems to have contributed perhaps one minor codeset, an Indian contract programmer (for a while), and now occasional participation by a supermarket programmer trying to add gloss to a resume. There has been remarkably little meat to these.

Compare at once the dynamic continuous dialog on direction, architecture, and support on the #foswiki IRC room.

These are all objective claims, easily verified.

As for Paul: Sorry, sometimes you do have to take sides. These things are important.
AOL User 1170 05 Jul 11 @ 7:44 pm Reply
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liyunyun 20 Apr 17 @ 5:45 am Reply
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jeje222 11 Jul 17 @ 6:29 am Reply
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