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   Zoho Creator

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Zoho Creator Summary


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Online database application with drag and drop feature, with delluge script which enables you to add to an application and make it more powerful, plus import csv, xls, and tsv files to manage your files on spreadsheet collaboratively. Create web form…

Categories: Database, Form Designer, App Builder, App Development

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   Zoho Launches Marketplace, Updates Creator

Creator of the most complete online office suite out there, Zoho, has a new product out: Zoho Marketplace. It’s a catalog of business applications for users to try out and purchase directly from the developers; on the other end of the equation, users can post specifications for an app they ...

Web2Review 30 Sep 08
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   Zoho App Selection Explodes With Platform - But Are These Apps for Real?

If you're familiar with Zoho, the online office suite for small and medium sized businesses, you probably know that they offer a whole lot of different applications. The 16 different apps the company has had for some time seems like a small selection now - today the Zoho Marketplace ...

Web2Review 30 Sep 08
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Thanh Niên
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Zoho Creator Goes Mobile
Web2Review 01 Jul 08
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