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Caspio Summary


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Caspio bridge simplifies data base and web application. Builds web forms, data bases, search and reports more easily than developers can.

Category: Database

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   Caspio: Gritty and Profitable In a Tough Market

As part of our Gritty Entrepreneurs series, we interviewed Frank Zamani, Founder/CEO of Caspio. Their pitch is "no more programming for custom web applications". That is a tough market, which we will explore in this post. But Caspio is bootstrapped, profitable and can point to some real case studies. So ...

Web2Review 22 Oct 08



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Robin Zielinski Sun-News Doña Ana County Sheriff's Deputy Scott Bayles, a K-9 handler, is pictured with Rex, his 7-year-old Belgian Malinois. Bayles, and other DASO patrol officers received their first pay bump in three years. Bayles now makes 40,149.

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