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Homebuyer beware: 'The law is very gray'
Schools: Check Ohio's 2013-14 academic report cards for public schools and school districts at Kentucky school report card data can be found at • Neighborhood ...

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Indian Hill home sale from hell is cautionary tale
INDIAN HILL – The $1.2 million colonial on Pipewell Lane was everything the Pleatmans wanted: Five bedrooms, a big eat-in kitchen, a game room and pool for their family of eight. Everything, that is, until they learned who lived next door: A man ...

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Napa Valley Register

Are Napa's law enforcement agencies militarized or thrifty?
Napa Valley Register
Napa Police Capt. Jeff Troendly walks near the mine-resistant armored protection vehicle the department recently acquired for free from the federal government. The vehicle, valued at $733,000, is on semi-permanent loan and is stored at the city's ...

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MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: Microcredit Regulation in Kazakhstan to Require Minimum Capital of $200k, Client Disclosure ...
The Kazakh Ministry of Justice is reportedly in the process of registering a new law regulating microfinance that requires all “microcredit organizations” to convert to “microfinance organizations” within three years. Under the law, microfinance ...

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