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Indian Hill home sale from hell is cautionary tale
For future roadwork, infrastructure or development projects: Check with your municipal, county or township building department. • Schools: Check Ohio's 2013-14 academic report cards for public schools and school districts at ...

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Boise Weekly

Boise Police Department Gives MRAP, SWAT Show-And-Tell
Boise Weekly
The real story is that Ada County Sheriffs office has received 32 rifles from the military since 2006, 1 MRAP last year and another tactical vehicle in 2011.... You can search the database here · report 2 likes, 2 ...

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Napa Valley Register

Are Napa's law enforcement agencies militarized or thrifty?
Napa Valley Register
Napa County law enforcement agencies have received hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of military equipment from the Pentagon, including automatic weapons and a mine-resistant armored vehicle, but officials say it is far from the heavy hardware on ...

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MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: Microcredit Regulation in Kazakhstan to Require Minimum Capital of $200k, Client Disclosure ...
Caspio Net (Kazakhstan). “Microfinance market on the rise in Kazakhstan,” MicroCapital. January 31, 2013, “MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: New Microfinance ...

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