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Paypal Summary


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Send and receive payments

Categories: Micropayments, Payments


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   PayPal's Micropayment Solution Opens to the Public

Online payment company PayPal has opened up its micropayment solution to "game developers, media publishers, or anyone interested in selling digital content on a global scale." The solution was first announced last October when the company said that the upcoming feature would offer "a competitive fee structure for micropayments, with ...

Web2Review 10 Feb 11
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   PayPal To Restore Bank Withdrawal Service In India On March 3rd

About three weeks ago, eBay’s electronic payments daughter PayPal suddenly started blocking personal payments going in or coming out of accounts from Indian customers, resulting in a flood of online complaints from the latter that ranged from accusations of racism to sheer amateurism. Last week, rumors that PayPal was actually ...

Web2Review 27 Feb 10
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t3n Magazin

Mehr Sicherheit für Kunden: Paypal erhöht den Käuferschutz auf 180 Tage
t3n Magazin
... der Konfliktlösung einen Antrag auf PayPal-Käuferschutz stellen. Dies ist ebenfalls nach dem Einloggen in das PayPal-Konto unter dem Menüpunkt „Konfliktlösungen“ möglich. Die neue Käuferschutzrichtlinie ab dem 29. Januar 2015 | 25.

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Attijariwafa bank and PayPal are launching a brand new service for Moroccan ...
Zawya (registration)
Attijariwafa bank , the leading bank in Morocco, and PayPal announced today the launch of an exclusive service that will enable Moroccan merchants to withdraw funds from their PayPal accounts to an Attijariwafa bank account, in Moroccan Dirham and ...

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