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今年,是医学研究领域令人兴奋的一年,世界各地的科学家们继续努力对人体进行深入了解,以寻求预防或治疗疾病的方法。一些研究针对衰老或防止衰老的方法,而其他一些研究则寻求方法,增强大自然给予我们的自然力量。 联 ...

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Arab News

Inventor behind water-saving polymer unveils powder fire extinguisher
Arab News
ISLAMIC PRIDE: Ibrahim M. Alalim, left, explains his inventions on fire-fighting on water technology during the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) in Jeddah last June. At right is Finance Minister Ibrahim Al-Assaf and at center is ...

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The do's and dont's of the MBJ's Business Marketplace
Mississippi Business Journal (blog)
There are plenty of websites such as that can help you create a digital catalog of your business cards. » Don't forget to send a short e-mail to meaningful connections, thanking them for their time and reminding them of the conversation. Ask ...

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Snelson wins appeal for a new trial
British Columbia's highest court has ordered a new trial for a man convicted of killing a college student whose death remained a cold case for nearly two decades. Neil Snelson was convicted of manslaughter two years ago in the death of 19-year-old ...

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Funding Daily: Don't you just love fall?
... and non-profit companies Its own board member include Kathryn Swintek, managing Partner of Golden Seeds Fund 2, Yan Pujante, chief software architect of LinkedIn, Justin Miller, President of Comcast Silicon Valley and CEO of, Steve ...

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Avery Dennison Teams with Online Address Book Pioneer Plaxo So Making ...
Business Wire (press release)
... real-time sync, updates made from one sync point are reflected in every sync point – providing a consistent, updated address book from wherever you access it. To learn more about this new label feature, visit View the ...

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Plaxo re-focuses on address book maintenance, faces new competition
CNET (blog)
Plaxo will collate your address books from all your sources, and merge them into one online address book (at for free, which is good for backing up your personal contact lists. But it is the paid services that make Plaxo really useful. Hiya ...
Plaxo Goes Back To Being A Smart Address Book, Launches Virtual AssistantTechCrunch
Plaxo Returns to Its Address Book Roots, Offers the Most Intelligent Address ...PR Web (press release)

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WEB REVIEW: Find your address book perplexing? Consider Plaxo
Indianapolis Business Journal
I spent several paragraphs of my last column telling you about three of the top social networking tools available and why you should be paying attention to them, both personally and professionally. I intentionally left one off because I thought it ...

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Plaxo Debuts New Job Search Service for 'Viral Hiring'
Wired News
Now, Plaxo users can go to and search the job pool using results from Simply Hired's search engine. SimplyHired is an aggregator that scrapes over a thousand job sites and lets you filter them by keyword and location. There's also a new ...

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Plaxo's For Sale
TechCrunch (blog)
Plaxo, the Sequoia-backed start that transformed itself from a hated spam monster into a mild mannered and interesting business social network, has started a sale process according to a source. They've hired an investment bank, Revolution Partners, who ...

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