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Get all the inside information that, until now, only travel agents were privy to with ExpertFlyer. Search flight availability, flight awards and upgrades, airfares and important flight details that you won't find anywhere else.

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The Hill

Poll: 87 percent of frequent flyers unhappy with TSA
The Hill
The poll, conducted by Frequent Business Traveler Magazine and the websites and, found 87 percent of frequent flyers said the TSA does a "fair or poor job" with airport security. By comparison, only 10.2 percent of the ...
Frequent Flyers Give TSA Failing Grade For the Fourth Year in a
TSA gets failing grades from frequent (blog)

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EXPERTFLYER EXPLORES THE ENORMOUS BUFFET OF NATURAL WONDERS AND ATTRACTIONS OF ... (press release) recently went One-on-One with Juan Lopez, North American Market Manager for the Chile Tourism Board, to discuss some of the special locations and activities travelers can expect to find in Chile, and the best times of the year to enjoy ...

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