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Get all the inside information that, until now, only travel agents were privy to with ExpertFlyer. Search flight availability, flight awards and upgrades, airfares and important flight details that you won't find anywhere else.

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Kiplinger Personal Finance

Bid on an Upgrade to First-Class Air Travel
Kiplinger Personal Finance
Before bidding, go to to find out how many premium seats are available, says Richard Kerr, a frequent flier and contributor to The Points Guy blog. Even if there are plenty of open seats, bid $30 to $50 above the threshold. Most ...

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PR Web (press release)

ExpertFlyer Goes One-on-One with Los Angeles Travel Magazine to Explore the Hidden Gems of a City Known For Its ...
PR Web (press release)
“Los Angeles is an eclectic mix of glitz, glamour, culture, and beautiful oceanfront communities,” explains Chris Lopinto, president and co-founder of “Whether you want to dine at the finest restaurant in town, spend a day on the Santa ...

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