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Crowd Fusion Summary


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Crowd Fusion is a publishing platform that combines several popular applications - like blogging, wikis, tagging and workflow management - with some original concepts.

Category: App Development


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   TC50: CrowdFusion Merges The Best Features Of Blogs, Wikis, And More Into One Unified CMS

As content sites on the web mature, they continue to blur the line between straight news sites, social hubs, and references for structured data. No longer are these sites just home to editorial content — many of them have created databases of the products they cover (take for example TC ...

Web2Review 15 Sep 09
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PRLog.Org (press release)

Michiko Diby Joins Crowd Fusion as Director of Process Management
PRLog.Org (press release)
*** Email Verified. Source, : Crowd Fusion. Location, : New York City - New York - United States. Industry, : Technology, Internet, Cloud. Tags, : Content Management, Crowd Fusion, Lean Development, Publishing, Web, Internet, Startups, ...

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