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Causes Summary


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Causes was founded on the belief that in a healthy society, anyone can participate in change by informing and inspiring others. The most successful movements have always been born out of and held together by the bonds of real world relationships, and…

Category: Community Action


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   Causes Reports On Its First Year - $2.5 Million For 20,000 Charities And NonProfits

Causes, a Facebook and MySpace application that promotes viral donations of time and money to charities and nonprofits, launched a year ago. They’ve now released statistics today on their usage and donation numbers for that first year. The company says they’ve registered 12 million users who are now supporting more ...

Web2Review 28 May 08
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Black Star News

August 8th: Free The Move 9 Brooklyn Event
Black Star News
... parole hearing and now parole denial of Delbert Africa, The August 8th, 2017 Twitter Storm for The Us Justice Department Petition for The Move 9 in which we are still asking people to sign at

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The Daily Citizen

Community members join together to stop removal of mural from store wall
The Daily Citizen
Anthony Cline, chairman of Keep Dalton-Whitfield Beautiful, started a petition on Wednesday evening "for residents to show their support and express their desire to preserve the mural during store renovations," a press release from Keep ...

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