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The largest online retailer. Sells many prodcuts including books, DVDs, music CDs and MP3s, computer software, video games, electronics, apparel, furniture, food, toys, etc.

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   Amazon Launches Online Sports Memorabilia Shop

Amazon has expanded its sales reach into sports memorabilia, the company announced on Thursday. Its new Sports Collectibles Store offers more than two million officially licensed items by the NFL, NBA, FIFA and Major League Baseball. Shoppers can search for collectibles by sport, year, team, price and type of item. ...

Web2Review 02 Feb 12
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   Amazon Pulls Plug on PayPhrase Service

Amazon is pulling the plug on its PayPhrase program, which was originally set up so you can check out of the online retailer faster. Amazon announced on its PayPhrase page that the service will no longer be available starting on or around February 20. Orders placed prior to that date ...

Web2Review 01 Feb 12
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Walmart preview: It has a competitive moat in food that even Amazon may have trouble crossing
Ahead of Walmart Inc.'s fourth-quarter 2018 earnings on Tuesday, Susquehanna Financial Group analysts reiterated its positive stock rating due to the giant's position in food. Susquehanna raised the retail giant's price target to $126 from $115 “based ...
Walmart Unveils New Apparel Brands to Counter Amazon's GrowthYahoo Finance

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via via Google News, Inc. Is a Name You Can Almost Always Trust
It's a strange time to be in the markets. Although the Dow Jones Industrial Average has been on a four-session winning streak, it's just 2% above parity for the year. I foresee nearer-term troubles for a majority of companies. However, the one name ...
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user avatar Rakim Singh Ver... Wish List enhancement

I have been musing over the idea that it would be useful to add items to the wishlist and then set an email reminder for a few weeks later to remind you to purchase the item. This would be useful to the less frequent Amazon shopper who rarely logs in to check their basket or wish list...who may be putting off buying something because they can't afford it at the time or they're shopping around for gifts in advance, either for birthdays or christmas. I hadn't used the wish list much (until today) so if email notifications exist already, then great! Otherwise email reminders would be really useful!


Rakim Singh Verma 11 Oct 09 @ 1:59 pm   Reply   replies

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