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Present and share powerpoint slides and other files online

Category: Presentation

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user avatar goingbalddaddy    
They don't deliver what's promised

Not what is promised when you pay for PowerPoint conversion to movies. Says minutes to hours for completion and that email will notify you when done. DAYS later still nothing, despite the fact that I called after 4 hours of waiting for completion; they said, 'Yes, we'll check and get back to you in 20 mins.' Never heard back. Finaly, after 3 days, I contacted them again and they said, 'Oh, it's now ready.'  They should not promise what they can't deliver.

goingbalddaddy 22 Apr 13 @ 3:14 pm  Reply  
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   AuthorStream Brings Web-Based PowerPoint Presentations To Your iPad, a PowerPoint sharing platform, is rolling out an iPad compatible version of its platform. Similar to SlideShare, authorSTREAM is a web-based free platform for sharing PowerPoint presentations through blogs, websites, and on sites like YouTube or an iPod. As authorStream’s Jagdeep Pannu tells us, the device’s lack of ...

Web2Review 16 Apr 10
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