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Twitxr Summary


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A service for sharing pictures (photos, images) and status updates from user's mobile phone. Updates could be sent from any mobile phone including Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile-based devices, Nokia and Motorola phones (using Java application) and all…

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How to: post photos on Twitter, including a comparison of Tweetphoto and Twitpic
Tech Digest
If you're even the newest of Twitter users, you'll have seen people posting photos of stuff going on around them. In fact, it's one of the most popular uses of the site and can often scoop real news organisations, like in the case of the plane that ...

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Robert Scoble on the Best iPhone Applications
Fast Company
If you use the more popular Flickr, then I'd recommend, although several of my readers also suggested One problem with both of the Flickr apps: You need to "jail break" your phone to use them, meaning that you'll need ...

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