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Posterous Summary


website screenshot for Posterous

Create blog posts by simply emailing Posterous and it'll post instantly. Post anything and everything through email!

Category: Blog By Email

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   Posterous for Non-profits: An Easy Way to Connect to Social Networks

Causecast is a Mashable publishing partner that provides a cause integration platform for nonprofits and brands. The following article is reprinted with the publisher's permission. ...

Web2Review 15 Dec 11
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   Posterous Swaps Blog Platform for Social Network

Simple sharing service Posterous is shedding its blog origins in favor of becoming a full-featured social network. The startup has dramatically redesigned its website, overhauled its user dashboard and vamped up its iPhone app with a retooled focus on private sharing. The new Posterous even has a new name: ...

Web2Review 12 Sep 11
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Redding Record Searchlight

Winter weather makes climbing Mt. Shasta an even more daunting task
Redding Record Searchlight
"I don't want their mothers to get the kind of phone call I got about my son." Tips for trek. For more information on climbing Mt. Shasta: To view a draft of Winter Mountaineering on Mt. Shasta, go to http://tomspirit.posterous ...

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Huffington Post Canada

What Led Me to Seeking Solace in Psychics
Huffington Post Canada
I remember the couch I was lying on. I remember the pale pink nightgown I was wearing, the disgust in his voice. I remember almost all the particulars of the conversation that caused my divorce. "Lily Dale is a spiritualist community in upstate New York.

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Screencast tour of Posterous
Web2Review 24 Jul 08
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