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user avatar Chad Hallberg    
I get it now!
I guess I'm one of those 'uncultured swine', but I'm not sure I got what Shelfari is all about until I really got into listing the books I read and seeing what my friends read. I got that they are making a community of book readers where thoughts and feelings can be shared. But, I really thought 'so what?' But, now I use Shelfari as a great resource when I am doing spy work on people I am trying to establish a relationship with - professionally or personally. I know that if they're on Shelfari I can find out 2 things: (1) they care enough about reading to be on Shelfari; and (2) I can know what piques their interest and use it in conversation or for book genres to gift them. I am now getting Shelfari and I love it!

Chad Hallberg 01 Apr 09 @ 5:29 pm  Reply  

   Shelfari, The Social Network for Book Lovers, Acquired By Amazon

I’ve looked at Shelfari several times over the course of its existence, and it always seemed like a cute project that would never make it big. Sometimes, however, it’s not only about the size of your community; the big players in your corner of the market can make a big ...

Web2Review 26 Aug 08

   Amazon Buys Shelfari and its Innovative UI

Shelfari, a small book sharing startup, was acquired today by Amazon (an existing investor in the company). Shelfari is known for its innovative user interface, something which we've discussed a few times on ReadWriteWeb. Shelfari's competitors include GoodReads and LibraryThing. The relationship with the latter has been frosty, with LibraryThing ...

Web2Review 26 Aug 08


Create a virtual bookshelf to share with your friends. See what your friends are reading, rate their books, and discover new titles. Combines an easy to use interface with social networking features to create a community for readers. Also available as a widget that works in Facebook and other ...

Web2Review 26 Jul 07

   Amazon Invests in Shelfari

We’re hearing that Amazon has invested $1 million or so in Seattle based Shelfari, beating out at least one venture firm that competed for the deal. Shelfari is a website where users input all of the books they own, and have an online visual representation of their library to share ...

Web2Review 25 Feb 07

   Keep an Eye on Shelfari

Seattle-based Shelfari is a book centered social network that launched last fall. There’s lots of competition in this space, including Library Thing, Listal, Delicious Monster and others. The basic idea is to tell Shelfari all of the books you own, and have an online visual representation of your library. ...

Web2Review 18 Jan 07

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