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user avatar Joshua Dance    
The death of slideshows

Animoto is beautifully simple.  They want to make your photos looks sweet.  You upload some images, pick a song or upload your own, and Animoto makes a music video out of it.  You might say but i can do this myself on iPhoto or one of the various other programs out there.  The answer is yes you can, but if you want something more than fade in fade out and zoom, Animoto rocks.  It syncs up the images and music and makes it look awesome. 

You can make free 30 second videos which can be shared with friends, or you can pay a couple bucks to make vidoes up to 10 minutes which can be downloaded, YouTubed and burned to CD/DVD.  Or you can buy a year pass for 30 dollars to make as many videos as your heart desires.

It used to be that you just let the Animoto magic do its thing and you couldn’t control the output, but the guys have been adding features.  You can now control how fast certain images display for and you can add text as well.

The iPhone app is way cool.  You pick the photos out of your phone library, pick the music, and in a couple minutes the video is on your phone ready to watch.

The guys at Animoto are just really sweet as well.  I sent a suggestion and i actually got an email back thanking me and explaining some things.  So cool. 

Overall, Animoto is well on its way of ridding the world of bad slideshows, and boring presentations.

Joshua Dance 10 Jan 09 @ 9:18 pm  Reply  


user avatar
You couldn't have said it better Joshua! If I want something to look 100 times better than I could ever make and do 100 times less work, i go to Animoto! I think the world is just scratching the surface with its usefulness.
Chad Hallberg 06 Mar 09 @ 7:49 pm Reply
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