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Eventbrite Summary


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Easy and free way to publish and promote event registration pages, and therefore make more money with an alternative way to attract more audience.

Category: Event Manager


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   Eventbrite Nearly Doubled Ticket Sales in 2011

Online ticketing platform Eventbrite sold almost twice as many tickets in 2011 as it did in 2010, according to numbers provided by the company. About 21 million tickets to everything from yoga classes to a Black Eyed Peas concert were sold through Eventbrite last year, compared to about 11 million ...

Web2Review 06 Jan 12
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   TC Cribs: Eventbrite Gives Us A Backstage Pass To Their House Of Orange

We’re back for a new episode of TC Cribs, and it’s one of our most colorful yet: Eventbrite. The company, which offers a variety of ways to coordinate events and sell tickets, has a penchant for orange — and it shows. Their office is nestled in San Francisco’s SOMA district ...

Web2Review 18 Nov 11
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The Detroit News

48 Hours: Things to do in Metro Detroit
The Detroit News
Taking elements of an adult Halloween party, club night and formal ball, Masque features a live performance by Nadia Ali, plus fortune tellers, dancers, a laser show, DJs and dancing and more. 9 p.m. Saturday. $40-$59.99. 1600 Clay, Detroit. (313) 872 ...

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AYCE Singaporean chili snow crab, MC Jin at Pot, 'Top Chef' pop-up at The Nosh
Los Angeles Times
Starry Kitchen is closing down the restaurant Saturday to cook 2000 pounds of Singaporean chili crab legs. The giant crab boil will benefit the Japanese American Cultural Community Center. Tickets are $75 for adults and $65 for kids, and include ...

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Eventbrite & PBWiki
Web2Review 01 Jul 08
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