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At a Glance Online finance manager that does expenses, investments, and loans/mortgages. Mint connects to over 5,000 US banks and credit unions, credit card, brokerage, and mutual fund companies to keep your transactions and account balances automatically up-to-date. Mint even auto-balances your checkbook and auto-categorizes your transactions.
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Competitive Advantage Easy to use: You’re up and running in less than five minutes. And Mint does virtually all the rest. Comprehensive: Mint provides detailed visibility into virtually all your financial relationships with a single, secure login. Visual and Analytical: Mint gives you powerful insights into your personal finances making–it easier to practice smart financial management. Constantly working to find you savings: Mint typically finds users $1,000 in savings opportunities in their first session—minutes after registering. And Mint keeps looking for new ways for you to save every day—continuously comparing your needs to product, service and bank offerings most relevant to you. Secure: Mint provides bank–level data security and industry–leading identity protection. Its security and privacy have been validated by VeriSign and TRUSTe. Always On: You’re automatically notified of upcoming bills, low balances, and any unusual activity in any of your accounts through one (m)interface. Anywhere/anytime access: You can get to Mint anywhere, anytime over the Web. And it’s Free!
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