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Primary purpose is to interest individuals in setting up a page as in Face Book or My Space . However SLIDE boasts the use of Slide shows to share with friends and opportunities to do more personalization. You can personalize with stickers, pictures,…

Categories: Slideshow Creator, Widget Builder


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   Google Kills "Slide" in Favor of Google+

Google has thrown in the towel on its $182 million acquisition of Slide as it shifts its social networking efforts to Google+. The social apps company will be dissolved, according to AllThingsD. Slide founder and Google VP Max Levchin will be leaving the company as a result. “Max has decided ...

Web2Review 26 Aug 11
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   Google Buys Slide for $182 Million, Getting More Serious about Social Games

We’ve just learned that Google has agreed to buy Slide for $182 million, in a deal to be announced Friday. And sources also tell us that this is not the last move Google is going to be making to cobble together a serious social gaming and apps strategy to counter ...

Web2Review 04 Aug 10
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Terra Brasil

Você tem medo de falar em público? Confira dicas para uma apresentação matadora
Terra Brasil
Se for uma apresentação para captação de recursos, contemple um slide com o valor que está sendo captado na rodada e o percentual de equity que a sua startup está disposta a ceder. Considere também a distribuição de como o recurso será aplicado, em ...

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Arte Sonora

Black Sabbath, The End
Arte Sonora
Olhando de lado para o futebol, Pete vai dizendo que conhecia bem os agora ícones do heavy metal, mas de quem era mesmo amigo era de Jimmy Phillips, que tocava guitarra-slide com Tony e Ozzy nos tempos de Polka Tulk; segundo ele: «O Ozzy ...

and more »
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