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   Socialtext Mobile: Business Activity Streams On the Go

If you’re one of the many enterprise (and increasingly, small business) users of Socialtext, you’ll be excited about today’s Socialtext Mobile beta launch news. If you’re in the market for an Enterprise 2.0 solution for your business, there’s even more reason to get Socialtext on your roadmap. In addition to ...

Web2Review 09 Sep 09
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   30 Years After VisiCalc, Socialtext Unveils SocialCalc & Freemium Pricing

Disclosure: Socialtext is a ReadWriteWeb sponsor. On the 30th anniversary of the original killer business application, enterprise platform Socialtext has brought wiki spreadsheet app SocialCalc in to the light of day. Created in collaboration with VisiCalc co-creator, Dan Bricklin, the long-awaited app is the social enterprise successor to the Bricklin's ...

Web2Review 23 Jun 09
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   Socialtext Adds Twitter-like “Signals” And a Desktop AIR App

In yet another sign that this will be the year of the activity stream, Socialtext is adding a Twitter-like message stream to its enterprise wiki/workspace service, The new feature is called Socialtext Signals, and it appears both as a widget in the Socialtext dashboard and as a standalone desktop ...

Web2Review 03 Mar 09
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   SocialText 3.0 blends Facebook, Twitter, and the Enterprise

SocialText 3.0 is (or will be in the near term) an enterprise mashup of Facebook, FriendFeed, enterprise microblogging, and the wiki. If you were to take any one of these constituencies - social networking, conversation aggregation, Tw*tter, or vanilla wikis and the leveraged sites the technology has produced - you ...

Web2Review 30 Sep 08
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   SocialText aims for wiki 2.0

Enterprise wiki vendor SocialText rolled out version 2.0 of its software this morning and made a couple of changes that are important for people beyond its existing customer base. The changes include a drastic overhaul to the standard wiki interface and the release of a REST API to ...

Web2Review 21 Sep 06
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   SocialText/wikiCalc: More Interesting Than Google Spreadsheets

SocialText has announced an agreement with Dan Bricklin for the exclusive distribution rights to his wikiCalc spreadsheet software (Dan Bricklin is also the creator of VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet for personal computers). Like Google’s new Spreadsheets application and other online spreadsheets, one of the goals of wikiCalc is ...

Web2Review 08 Jun 06
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