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Youtube Summary


website screenshot for Youtube

According to youtube, self broadcasting is its primary purpose. Users watch and share original videos, some of which have a promotional or political component.

Category: Video Sharing


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user avatar Daniel McConnel...    
Videos, movies, entertainment
YouTube is a public video store.. You can watch virtually anything you want on YouTube.. You can spend hours watching anything you desire.

Daniel McConnell 07 Dec 12 @ 7:47 pm  Reply  
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   YouTube's 4 Examples of Great Political Videos

What makes a great political video? YouTube is attempting to answer that question by posting four of its favorites in a collection titled “ Political Case Studies.” The four videos are a mixture of videos from candidates running for office and issue campaigns. In the first video, a pro-union ...

Web2Review 24 Feb 12
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Planets like Tatooine may be common, U of U researcher says
A binary sunset, as imagined in “Star Wars.” | Source: NASA's Kepler space telescope has found several “gas giant” planets orbiting around binary stars, but has yet to find a rocky, Earth-like planet orbiting around a binary star ...

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Aosta Oggi

La Santa Messa della Domenica delle Palme in diretta streaming
Aosta Oggi
Le nostre telecamere seguiranno la celebrazione della Domenica delle Palme nella chiesa santuario Maria Santissima Immacolata di Aosta. Il live potrà essere guardato anche su e e con smartphone, tablet e pc. La registrazione ...

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