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user avatar Chad Hallberg    
K.I.S.S. at its best!

Amongst other responsibilities at my company, I manage the systems used at our firm of mostly non-computer savvy employees. We have tried seeral differnet time tracking systems, but none of them have been able to integrate time tracking and invoices as easily as Harvest. We have loved every facet of Harvest and only wish there was a integration.

I love how simple, efficient, and intuitive the whole system is! Thanks Harvest!!!

Chad Hallberg 11 Oct 10 @ 8:24 pm  Reply   replies

user avatar Elisha Terada    
It's just simple and that's all I care about

I'm not a manager implementing this time tracking service at work so all I really care is if it is intuitive to use and does not distract my work. Harvest does it well! All I need is to select the project/client and write down a little description on what I'm going to work on. There are times I forget to start/stop the timer, but it is very easy to go back and fix such mistakes. It integrates with the widget on my Mac OSX well as well.

Elisha Terada 14 Jul 10 @ 9:56 pm  Reply  

user avatar Brent    
no matter where I am, I can easily log time

I have been using Harvest for almost two months now and have found it to be very easy to use. We are in the business consulting industry and accurately logging time is critical to us and to our clients. Harvest enables us to easily log time from our desktop Macs via the web browser or the widget and then even from our iPhones. You can add notes for when you log time daily and then you get a nice clean summary breakdown of hours against projects and tasks within projects. It works great both ways because as a manger you also get easy-to-read summaries for each person. All this, means it is easier and more accurate to invoice and our clients have appreciated the level of detail and easy-to-read interface.

Brent 24 Aug 09 @ 5:24 pm  Reply   replies

   4 Unique Apps for Tracking Time

Keeping track of your billable hours is an essential task for any freelancer. Just as important is keeping track of non-billable hours, to see how much work you're actually putting into a project, and to determine if you are utilizing your time for maximum efficiency. Tracking time can be a pain in the butt experience, and can itself become a time sink. Below is a round up of 4 web applications that each take their own approach to time tracking. Let us know in the comments your experience with each of these apps, and any others that you use for keeping track of your time.

Web2Review 18 Dec 08 @ 5:29 pm
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Freelance Switch
   6 Cool Tools to Track Your Time

If you’re a freelancer, chances are you need to track your time in order to bill your clients. And that can be a major hassle. You might also be a mobile freelancer, like me, who uses multiple computers and wants to be able to work from anywhere. In that case, a web-based time tracker might be the way to go. You want something easy to use, cheap, with a nice interface. Preferably even fun to use. Whatever your needs, here are 6 of the coolest tools for tracking your time. Most of them aren’t free, but then the best tools often aren’t.

Web2Review 16 Oct 08 @ 5:37 pm
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   Harvest for iPhone: Manage Work Time And Expenses On The Go

So you're running a small business, and you're looking to organize your invoicing, expenses, timesheet, etcetera. And maybe you've come across Harvest, a Web service that does all of that busy work of managing your daily supply of jobs. Maybe you really enjoy what Harvest offers, and would really like to access it while away from your PC. Perhaps on your iPhone. (Or what will be your iPhone when the 3G model arrives.) If so, you're in luck. Released last week and highlighted by Brett Terpstra on TUAW, Harvest now provides iPhone owners with an easy way to manage both your timesheet and expenses while away from the office. Which, if you're a traveling service specialist, you naturally do quite a bit of.

Web2Review 25 May 08 @ 11:10 am
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   Harvest clocks in on the iPhone

I've tried a lot of online time-tracking solutions and have personally come to love Harvest for its simplicity, good looks and -- more than anything -- the great tools they provide to make punching in and out simple enough that people might actually do it. They've had a Dashboard widget (also available for Yahoo! Widgets) for some time which allows for insanely fast job tracking, whether entering it in post or starting and stopping a timer. You can even use Twitter from your phone to stop a running job timer if you forget. As of last Thursday, though, you can handle all of your time tracking and expense logging through a spiffy iPhone interface.

Web2Review 24 May 08 @ 1:00 pm
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   Harvest On Twitter - A Future Twitter Business Model?

Expense and time tracking web application Harvest will announced tomorrow that it has added Twitter support. The new service will let users update tracking entries via Twitter from their mobile phones. The web page for the upcoming feature sports a "Powered by Twitter" logo and made us wonder: could this be a glimpse into a future business model for Twitter?

Web2Review 07 Apr 08 @ 1:04 pm
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Tracking your time on paper timesheets can often seem like, well, a waste of time. Now there is a better way to track time, and it's online. With Harvest, you can set up timesheets and manage your time more efficiently. It's free to use, but if you want more features and functionality you have to upgrade to a paid version. The paid version is worth your money if you have a lot of time-tracking to do and want a good "paper trail."

Web2Review 18 Jul 06 @ 5:33 pm
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   Online time tracking with Harvest

There is a new online tool out there looking to do the near-impossible: simple, usable and powerful time tracking for small business. It's called Harvest.

Web2Review 08 May 06 @ 7:00 pm
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