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user avatar Sharks    
To spend less in your bedding

Galapagos Cruises for retired people have gained in great popularity in recent times with seasonal discounts and early bird specials often available at years’ end.  This year is no exception.  Plus , early planning for 2011 can also yield a Galapagos Island vacation that the entire family can enjoy right along with Galapagos cruises for seniors. Several options abound for trips to the Galapagos Islands - the destination for the discerning traveler interested in adventure, science, exotic travel, and family learning.  The Galapagos offers a unique opportunity to see some of the most remarkable wildlife in its natural habitat on earth.  Opportunities for visiting the Charles Darwin station, snorkeling off shore from beaches that sport some of the most beautiful and unique underwater life including marine iguanas, sea turtles , hammerheads, and sea lions and penguins, all invite stimulation of the mind and the senses. What’s more, companies like Galapagos Explorer offers 25% off package deals to make it easier to enjoy Galapagos cruises for retired people, enjoying the holidays in Ecuador, at discounted prices when travel is purchased and completed no later than December 18 , 2010.  Pricing begins as low as $1.671USD for three day cruises, ranging to $3.912USD for up to seven days all included package. While in the Galapagos Islands you might visit the lush landscape supporting a wide variety of birds such as diverse kinds and colors of finches.  Also, the blue-footed Boobie, known for lifting one foot, then the other as part of its mating ritual, can’t help but leave a traveler spell-bound.  Stops at the major islands for most cruises include San Cristobol , Bahia Gardner, Espanola, Santiago, Santa Cruz, and Fernandina, to name some of the favorite destinations for viewing natural habitat. Because the islands were formed from volcanic action , the geology and landscape offers its own ecological distinctions.  All but one of the larger islands is crowned still, with a volcano that can be viewed.  Hiking and nature walks led by certified naturalists from the Galapagos National Park system provide excellent information and take visitors on climbs or hikes that point out wildlife endemic to the area, rocks, and vistas that are panoramic.  Snorkeling and scuba diving is also available and visitors can see some of the most exotic underwater life on earth.  From humpback whales to dolphins to hammerhead sharks, the aquatic life delights one and all. Additional Galapagos cruises for seniors are discounted this time of year for travel in 2011 as well, when purchased early.  The travel destination of a lifetime can be shared with the entire family later in the year.  Among other cruising providers in the area , Galapagos Explorer offers very competitive rates for travel beginning April 2011 through December of the same year.  Pricing begins as low as $3,810USD for cruise only to $4,462USD for packages, based on doubletriple occupancy.  These deals must be purchased no later than 31, December 2010. Further, the Explorer II is undergoing upgrades that provide redesign of key common areas in passageways , front desk and stairs, as well as carpet refurbishment.  It also will soon sport a more efficient new Caterpillar generator, designed to optimize and reduce energy consumption consistent with the reduction of ecological footprint goals for the area.  Galapagos Island travel can include the entire family, from grandparents to next generations.  They make an ideal gift for the holidays whether a Galapagos cruises for seniors visiting Ecuador and the Islands or the entire family traveling later in 2011.  Because the archipelago rests near the equator, each season is reasonably mild, without dramatic fluctuations in temperature or weather conditions so almost any month offers a Galapagos Island travel of a lifetime to not disappoint.

Finally , you have met someone that is interested in having a relationship with you. So far, you have noted that they have a great personality and seem to have everything together. But, in conversation with your other friends, you also note that there is something strange about this new person. They don’t want to be close to you. In fact, the conversations that you have had this far do not stimulate deeper levels of understanding each other. Even stranger than this, they have made no attempt to initiate contact with you at the deeper levels that you are used to. Understanding fear of intimacy and finding ways to move past it , no matter which side of the relationship you are on, can help you into better and deeper relationships. Intimacy does not have to be something to pull away from. In fact, you can consider it as being a ‘raw human,’ one that is able to understand other humans on a level that connects from our foundations of being.  What is Intimacy? Too often, our society has defined intimacy in different ways than it should be. This is one of the major factors that have led to the fear of being intimate with another. Typically, our culture will state that intimacy means being in a serious relationship with another person. The intimacy is something that should occur behind closed doors , not as a public display. Too often, intimacy has been described as exposing oneself in ways that are uncomfortable. Intimacy is more than the physical connection of closeness and moves beyond ideas of exposure that are too often demonstrated. Intimacy simply means to create a connection with another human being on a naturally human level. It can be anything that is authentic and genuine, creating a complete connection between two individuals walking through life. Intimacy is not anything but a human connection between two individuals that leads to better understandings of what life is about.  Intimacy, at its roo.


Sharks 15 Apr 18 @ 1:58 am  Reply  
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