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the customer is in search of and then fulfilling his needs.

Every year , millions of North American families go through the agony of deciding who to spend Christmas Day with; his family or her family.  Add children, divorce and remarriage into the mix and the logistics become even more of a nightmare. Before my husband and I had children, it was rather easy.  Like a lot of us, we alternated.  One Christmas Day with his family, the following Christmas Day with my family.  However , when we had our first child, things became a bit more problematic.  To add to the predicament, my mother moved hundreds of miles away to an out of the way little town up north. We decided to turn what some saw as a drawback into an adventure.  Instead of driving five hours in potentially dangerous winter conditions, we opted to take the train.  Our two and a half year old son was bursting with excitement about taking the train to visit his grandmother and surrounded himself with picture books of trains thinking that he could decide which one we would take.  He settled on an old fashioned steam engine.  The trip ended up being well worth the time and effort.  The scenery was spectacular, the company was terrific and we had a great time. The next few years we spent Christmas Day with my husband’s family without issue. Until the Christmas from hell. Our children were now four and seven , and we had relocated about two hours away from my husband’s family due to work related matters.  The morning started out well enough.  The kids were up at 5 to open their stockings, a tradition we started that allowed my husband and I a few more hours of shut eye, though of course we overheard every tip toe and every whispery giggle. We had our traditional Christmas breakfast followed by presents, followed by…WHINING!  AND MORE WHINING.  I detest whining, but in all honesty , I couldn’t blame the kids for being cranky.  It was Christmas and all they wanted to do was stay home with their new treasures.  Instead, they had to get all dolled up to visit the family. We went, reluctant kids in tow, to spend the afternoon at my sister-in-laws house.  Once we got there, the kids perked up (more presents will do that) , and we had a good time.  The drive home was another story.  A two hour drive turned into a five hour white knuckle adventure courtesy of a major winter storm that dumped twelve inches of snow over the entire area in less than twelve hours.  As we crawled homeward in whiteout conditions, grateful for the rear lights of the truck in front of us we decided right then and there, never again! No more traveling on Christmas Day.  It was time to start our own traditions!  And we have.  We always have the same breakfast, followed by finger foods throughout the day, and a full course dinner late in the evening.  We watch movies , play board and video games and just have fun spending uninterrupted time together as a family.  If I had to choose one word to describe our Christmas Day it would be “relaxed”.  No one needs to be in a hurry because we’re not going anywhere.

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This article was written by Shawn Wilson, a member of the customer support team at Datepad, where internet dating is always free. Datepad has a massive directory of informative dating articles along with a great list of dating site reviews on their dating blog.Article Source:

Shanghai Greenland Shenhua Friday unveiled its new emblem which has been designed by a local fan.

The emblem retains the original white, blue and red colors as well as the leopard — the team’s mascot.

“Shenhua” is back and on the top, and the investor’s name “Greenland” and its logo is at the bottom.

“SFC” is a common abbreviation to be used both for “Shanghai Football Club” and “Shenhua Football Club ,” the team said.

“Since 1993” is, off course, the year when the club was established.

The soccer balls next to Greenland is a salute to the old Shanghai Football Club, which was established in 1951 before the advent of the professional era.

The shield shape of the emblem represents the city flower michelia alba.

The club is hoping that the new emblem will end the unrest among the fans who were unhappy that the new owners had replaced “Shenhua” with “Greenland” last season.

The new emblem was chosen from about a hundred entries.

The successful candidate is a member of the local fans club Blue Devil and works in an advertisement sector.

by Xinhua writers Guo Ying and Zhao Wanwei

BEIJING, June 28 (Xinhua)—“We are designing an anti-drink driving car system , with a master switch and an alcohol sensor,” 11-year-old boy Li Jialin said.

Li and his team from Beijing Caoqiao Primary School demonstrated their invention at the Play+Make event for Beijing’s primary and secondary school students.

“Drink-driving is prohibited, but there are still drink-driving cases,” said Li. They install an alcohol sensor in the steering wheel and set up a program. When the driver presses the vehicle’s start switch, the alcohol sensor begins to monitor the concentration of alcohol in the air. If it exceeds a certain standard , the car will issue a warning and will not start.

More than 1,500 students from 16 districts of Beijing showcased their designs at the event. The designs included a vehicle with an environmental detection system and an intelligent baby stroller. While showing great imagination, they all had one other thing in common - they needed programming.

Li learned to use Arduino, an open-source electronics platform, to create interactive objects at school. Young inventors at the event programmed their gadgets with all kinds of programming platforms including Scratch , which offers a visual programming environment.

One of the core skills of information .

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