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user avatar Sharks    
Serotonin is an important brain chemical involved in mood

Boutique Hotels are small hotels that offer unique settings in addition to upscale accommodations. One such hotel is Wander hotel that is furnished in stylish , aspirational, and themed manner. With personalized attention given to each and every detail, Wander Boutique Hotels lives up to its name as well as embraces outdoors with private terrace decks, lounge bar , clear azure pool, in addition to world class for rejuvenating and pampering frequent high-fliers and weary travellers. This boutique hotel is located in heart of the city where fine dining quarters, chic shopping centres, and central businesses are within short distance from it. It offers distinctive and modern design providing it air of privacy , sophistication, and exclusivity thereby making this place perfect spot to stay and rejuvenate. This hotel offers some highly exclusive features. One of it is social meetings and events. Wander hotel provides luxurious space for outdoor as well as indoor occasions. Banqueting and cocktail-style events can be hosted for maximum of hundred guests. Some occasions that can be hosted here include luxury product viewing and launches, wine-dine events, and high-end parties. For special occasions private dining rooms are also available. Next feature includes spa. Revitalising body and mind with signature massages and therapies in-house can be availed here. The exclusive spa available here offers deeply indulgent services for soothing your senses. Pool is another attraction of this place. Here guests can get soaked up in sun or can just relax reading book along Wander’s sparkling pool side. Landscaped swimming pool of the hotel creates exuberant ambience thereby making it one of the ideal places for chilling out where you can enjoy gourmet food and drinks from very near resto-bar. There are various services and facilities for guests like 24-hour room servicing , in-room Wi-Fi, concierge services including ticket booking, car rentals, valet service , Chauffeur-driven cars, and same day dry cleaning and laundry. If you are workout freak and don’t want to miss even a single day of your workout then Wander offers world-class gym services. Here you will find state-of-the-art equipment as well as expert trainers who will make the entire workout routine of yours memorable. A fine dining restaurant is also available where you can find wide range of cuisines including Indian, Italian, Chinese , and lots more. In addition to mouth-watering dishes, the place has dessert counter where popular desserts from various places can be found. Those who are on business trip can make use of the private dining rooms that are available exclusively for business purposes. Those who prefer hanging out with family and friends can visit Grill section of the hotel to enjoy some hot grills along with drinks. The seating arrangements are made in such a way so that they offer best and most comfortable space for you. The services offered by the hotel are one of the best in town. There is an open area with comfortable seating so that guest who wants to enjoy lively open atmosphere can spend some nice time there.      All sportsmen in the world are constantly for tips, techniques, methods , secrets of their chosen sports. Even though some of these so-called tips are the same old stuff but presented in different way, and yet many people are acquiring them over and over again. It applies to golf as well; both pros and amateur are also constantly looking for golf tip. In fact, golf swing tips are now almost everywhere. Open a magazine, switch on the TV set , or surf the Internet ? you will find a free golf swing tip in each of them. Not to mention your pals who are ready to offer you a free golf tip whenever you are looking for one. Online golf tips are gradually on the rise simply because we are living in the information age where the Internet plays a major role. Does golf swing tip really work? The question is: does a free golf tip really work or does it just add to a golfer?s confusion and frustration? A close observation suggests that all is not well with a free tip. For this reason, many professional and qualified trainers ask golfers to choose carefully or just ignore these tips. As the saying goes, there is no free lunch on earth. For a tip or technique to work, one has to execute it with action. If a free swing tip is genuine , it will never ask a golfer to try hitting a ball with all their strength. However, some golfers are seen to attempt it frequently and end up receiving injury instead of better results in the process. A proper free golf tip will also not teach golfers to twist their wrists forward on impact in a desperate bid to increase the club speed and therefore hit the ball harder. Like the previous one, this action is also likely to result in injuries and nothing else. That’s why golfers should be extremely careful when it comes to follow that free tip. Golf power swings actually depend on exercises and techniques to condition the body and muscles as well as increase strength in the muscles. A genuine free golf swing tip should increase strength in the golf muscles, leading to better results. Stretching exercises are one of those tips. Stretch exercises and some of the strength building exercises can definitely increase the power in your golf swing and help you to play the game better as well as more consistently. Any free golf swing tip that emphasizes this point is bound to be genuine and may have a positive effect on your golf swing. There is another problem. Another problem with such tips is that they make a golfer think too much about hisher golf swing mechanics without giving sufficient attention to getting the ball in the fairway , onto the green and in the hole. They focus too much on how to perfect the free tip and not realizing they are not hitting the ball well. In the case of a free golf tip available online, it is really a problem to .


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