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Accoona Shrinks to Focus on Twing
New York Times Blogs (blog)
And yes, it is also seriously considering shuttering, the search engine that is the company's original product. (It hired Bill Clinton to speak at its launch, amid great claims for its artificial intelligence technology.) Still, Mr. Zammit ...

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'Accoona Talking Search Bar' launched
China Daily
China Daily Information Company announced today the launching of the "Accoona Talking Search Bar" for educational purposes ( ). The Talking Search Bar is text-to-speech technology that allows users to highlight text and initiate an ...

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Chess master Zhu Chen wins Accoona match in NY
China Daily, a new SuperCool Artificial Intelligence Search Engine, organized the match as a cultural exchange event between China and America. enjoys a unique partnership in China with the China Daily Information Company, the largest ...

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Hakuna matata: da slogan scacciapensieri a motore di ricerca
Fantasy Magazine
"Hakuna matata, che frase meravigliosa, significa nessuna preoccupazione per il resto dei tuoi giorni...". Così cantava Elton John nella colonna sonora del celebre Disney cartoon Il Re Leone. Anche se scritto in maniera diversa, Accoona (www.accoona ...

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Views on filial piety see change
China Daily
As the country's economy gallops along, urban Chinese are less likely to cherish the traditional notion of filial piety. Instead, they are prone to take the Western approach to a welfare society, according to a three-year, seven-city survey conducted ...

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Super search launched in US and China
China Daily
The New Jersey-based Accoona Corporation, an industry pioneer in artificial intelligence search technology, announced on Monday the launch of in New York City to provide the largest proprietary online database of information on companies ...

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