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Joyent Accelerator
   Joyent Accelerator

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Joyent Accelerator Summary


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Software previously installed on personal computers is being shifted or extended to be accessible via the Internet. The term for this is "cloud computing". In the cloud, you run your application on one (or many) virtual computers. The advantages to this…

Categories: Operating System, Hosting

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   Node.js Cloud Hosting With SmartMachines From Joyent

Joyent, a company that you might have heard of in connection to Node.js (arguably the hottest new technology on the web today), is offering some mean competition to Amazon’s EC2 service.  Joyent makes no bones about it, its Joyent Node service is faster and cheaper than EC2 and Joyent has ...

Web2Review 29 Apr 11
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   Intel Capital Invests In Cloud Computing Pioneer Joyent

Joyent, the Californian provider of cloud computing solutions – although they like to refer to that as delivering “web application hosting Infrastructure as a Service” – today announced that it raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Intel Capital. The news comes only a few weeks after Intel helped ...

Web2Review 17 Nov 09
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Samsung объявила о приобретении Joyent – лидирующего провайдера публичного и частного облака
Пресс-релиз.ру (пресс-релиз)
... с интеграцией внесерверных вычислений. Triton и Manta доступны для развертывания локально или в публичном облаке Joyent. Joyent также является экспертом проекта Node.js. Более подробная информация доступна на сайте

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Samsung adquiere Joyent, un proveedor líder de nube pública y privada
COMUNICADOS.CO (Comunicado de prensa)
Las soluciones Triton y Manta están disponibles para despliegues in situ o a través de la Nube Pública de Joyent. Joyent también es el original administrador corporativo del proyecto de fuente abierta Node.js. Para más informaciones visite al sitio ...

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